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The Conference of the Birds


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Peter Sís

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Celebrated childrens book author and illustrator Peter Sis creates his first book for adults, a beautiful and uplifting adaptation of the classic twelfth-century Sufi epic poem, "The Conference of the Birds.

SD karta 128 GB cena v Pákistánu. Sorrowing because they lack kingly guidance the birds gather together receive help from the inspired hoopoe and depart on their quest. The Conference of the Birds begins with the birds of the world gathering at a summit in order to seek a king. His masterpiece The Conference of the Birds has survived centuries because of its captivating poetic style and its symbolic exploration on the true nature of God. THE LITERACY WORK. 9 people found this helpful.

The birds are gathering together to decide if they should go on a quest or not. The poem contains . Persona význam v Bengálsku. By Farid UdDin Attar Translated By C.S. SPEDIZIONE GRATUITA su ordini idonei The Conference of the Birds Farid Uddin Attar Afkham Darbandi Dick Davis Libri in altre lingue. In Farid udDin Attars masterpiece the nature of the spiritual path is examined through the allegory of thirty brave birds that go in search of their king through the peaks of exultation and valleys of despair that represent the stages of the seeker as he travels toward enlightenment. The Conference of the Birds is a 12thcentury Sufi allegory that has beenescribed as the Islamic Canterbury Tales. The Conference of the Birds by Farid UdDin Attar is a classic in Sufiliterature and Islamic esoteric teaching. The Conference of the Birds is an independent film that set out to capture the beauty of a Southern community using . Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought. Gotický román si vzpomněl na romance. Report abuse. Konzervace biologie bakalářské programy. His name Attar is a form of the word from which we. The Conference of the Birds in it birds search for a king whom after a perilous journey they find in the mythical bird . Awardwinning . A work of Persian Sufi poetry that is said to be the most outstanding of these works is the Mantiq alTayr translated usually as The Conference of the Birds by Farid alDin Attar the 12th century Persian Poet who is one of the greatest figures in .

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    Peter Sís
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    Peter Sís